By Megha Joshi DDS and Achyut Joshi DDS
July 08, 2016
Category: Oral Health
Tags: Sugar  

Find out exactly what happens to your smile when you consume that sugary snack.

Summer is such an exciting time. It’s full of BBQs and cookouts, vacations and outings. But with many of these outdoor gatherings come treats like ice cream, popsicles, cookies and other assorted treats. But don’t let these sugary desserts deceive you. While they may be enjoyable to eat at the time, they could be doing some major damage to your smile. From the office of your Moreno Valley family dentists SugarDrs. Megha and Achyut Joshi, find out what happens to your smile whenever you have sugar.

Sugar: The Cause of Cavities

Even though you can’t see it, your mouth contains hundreds of bacteria. However, there are also certain types of bad bacteria that actually thrive off the sugar you consume. When the sugar hits your mouth, the bacteria turn the sugar into acid, which immediately starts attacking healthy tooth enamel. Over time, enamel is eroded away until a cavity forms. If our Moreno Valley dentists don’t treat a cavity right away, it will continue to progress until it causes pain and even tooth loss.

What You Can do to Help

While the idea of acid eating away at your beautiful smile might sound frightening, there is good news. The damage caused to your smile can be reversed. While acid may demineralize tooth enamel there are ways to re-mineralize the tooth and protect it. Fluoride is one way to protect healthy enamel and repair damage. Opt for fluoridated toothpaste and dental products. Talk to us about whether you could benefit from fluoride treatments.

Saliva also plays an important part in healthy enamel because it contains both calcium and phosphate, which helps repair minor dental damage. Therefore, stay hydrated, chew gum in between meals and nibble healthy snacks like apples and celery (which stimulate salivary production). Your smile will thank you!

Have questions about what diet is best for your smile? Need to schedule your next six-month cleaning? No problem! Turn to the dental experts of Megha Joshi DDS and Achyut Joshi DDS in Moreno Valley, CA for all of your family’s oral-care needs.