Laser Gum Therapy In Moreno Valley, CA


Severe gum disease, also known as periodontitis, requires comprehensive treatment to ensure the infection-causing bacteria is removed and the gum tissue is healthy enough to begin regenerating. Laser therapy, which is offered at the dental office of Drs. Megha Joshi and Achyut Joshi in Moreno Valley, CA is a relatively new but highly effective way of treating periodontal disease. Dentist Performing Laser Dentistry

Unlike traditional periodontal therapy, which consists of surgically manipulating the gum tissue and closing the incisions with stitches, laser gum treatments are considered minimally-invasive treatment. This means that the need for multiple incisions, sutures and post-operative bleeding and swelling are all reduced, if not completely eliminated. While local anesthesia is used to numb the area, most patients find that the post-operative period is relatively short and low-maintenance compared to other dental procedures.

During laser gum therapy, your Moreno Valley dentists will use a small digital laser to clear away bacteria and damaged gum tissue. The laser is calibrated to only remove the problem areas, leaving the healthy tissue intact and untouched. Any tartar - hardened plaque - is then cleared away from the surface of the teeth with a handheld instrument, then the laser will be used again to stimulate new growth of healthy gum tissue. This process may be completed in one appointment or spread out over several sessions depending on the severity of gum disease present.

Laser gum therapy has many benefits for both the patient and dentist. It takes much less time than the traditional gum surgery, in terms of time spent in the dental chair and the duration of healing. The effects are long-lasting, with 98 percent of treated patients showing stable results after 5 years.

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